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The Truth About Green Tea

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world and well ahead of coffee, beer, wine and even fizzy drinks. There is also an ancient Chinese proverb "better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one" indicating the importance of tea in Chinese culture. We love tea at Express Mugs HQ but wouldn't go this far! read more

6 Best Coffee Machines for 2018

These days we're all a bit more fussy about what we put in our coffee mugs, with many of us wanting to recreate that perfect barista coffee flavour at home. If you read more

Tea vs Coffee: The Great British Debate

Tea or coffee? It's a common enough question, but one that makes passions run high in the UK. So which of these drinks are Brits pouring most frequently into their favourite mugs? And which can claim to be the better choice? Let battle commence! read more

Forgotten hot drinks that your grandma swore by

We all have happy childhood memories of our grandmas making us comforting hot drinks in our favourite mugs. But what were these drinks, and how did Granny come to know about them? read more

Why a Mug is the Perfect Christmas Present

Christmas is upon us again, and we're gearing up for plenty of festive cheer with family and friends - but what are we going to buy them? And why do we exchange gifts at Christmas anyway? Here we take a look at the controversial Christmas tradition of gift-giving, and find out why a mug could be the answer to all your wishes! read more

(Trick or) Treat them to a mug this Halloween!

Love it or loathe it, Halloween is upon us again - and with it comes all the fun (or annoyance, depending on your point of view) of trick-or-treat. But what are the origins of this strange custom? Many people assume it is a tradition that started in the USA; but in fact its origins are much, much older than that. Come with us on a scary ride as we explore the history of trick-or-treat... read more

Mother's Day Traditions: Why a Mug is the Perfect Gift for Mum

Mother's Day is all about honouring your mum for everything she does for you. But did you know the origins of this special festival, and many of the traditions associated with it? Here we take a look at the history of Mother's Day, and why a mug makes the perfect gift for Mum this year. read more

What You Didn't Know About Your Favourite Mug

Do you have a favourite mug? If you answer "yes", you've got that in common with almost 60 percent of the population. read more

How To Make a Matcha Tea Latte!

Matcha Green tea is a superfood packed with antioxidants. One cup of Matcha green tea has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of regular green tea. With this in mind plus it tastes great as well the team at Express Mugs love to drink Matcha tea. read more

What's In Your Mug?

At Express Mugs HQ there are often lively debates about our team's favourite drinks to have in their favourite mug,from Express Mugs of course! There are a vast variety of teas and coffees from across the world that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. With such a wide selection what should you drink? Express Mugs will try and help you make a decision. read more

Gardening is A Mugs Game!

Gardening is A Mugs Game! At Express Mugs we are always looking for unique and novel ideas of ways we can use our mugs. One of our favourite ideas is using our spare mugs to create our own mug garden read more

Novel uses for your Novelty Mug!

Novelty mugs are hugely popular gifts for all occasions, with many people having a favourite mug for enjoying their morning coffee in. But mugs can be far more than just for enjoying tea, coffee or hot chocolate in. There are many delectable desserts that can be created in the humble mug that will get your taste buds bursting read more
valentines_heart_mugs.jpg Image from freegreatpicture.com

Valentine's Day Mugs: Symbols and Traditions

Mugs are a hugely popular Valentine's Day gift. Giving a mug to a loved one can symbolise that you wish them comfort. Filling a mug with chocolates adds a touch of luxury. But how did the tradition of Valentine. read more
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The Humble Mug: A Special Piece of History

The mug has always been seen by polite society as the poor relation to the teacup. But its history is longer and richer; and it's now the UK's receptacle of choice. Here we take a look at the history of the humble mug, from its earliest origins to its place in today's tea etiquette. read more

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