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What's In Your Mug?

by Peter Sanders published on 22 Feb 2017

What’s In Your Mug?


At Express Mugs HQ there are often lively debates about our team’s favourite drinks to have in their favourite mug, from Express Mugs of course! There are a vast variety of teas and coffees from across the world that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. With such a wide selection what should you drink? Express Mugs will try and help you make a decision.


Tea has been regarded as a key ingredient to good health, happiness and wisdom in many Asian cultures for thousands of years. With so many apparent health benefits we have been looking at our favourite teas to drink. One of our favourites is Chrysanthemum tea; this is a flower-based tea made with dried chrysanthemum flowers which has a pale yellow colour and is popular in East Asia, especially China. Flowers such as chrysanthemum have great significance in Chinese culture; chrysanthemum represents both respect and honesty.


The reported benefits of Chrysanthemum tea are numerous, but the top alleged health benefits are:


1.      It is caffeine free.

2.      Chrysanthemum tea stimulates all the senses making you more alert, it also helps relax you and is great for calming nerves.

3.      Chrysanthemum tea is perfect for using when you want a detox and may assist in      lowering cholesterol.

4.      Chrysanthemum tea is a natural coolant that helps lower your body temperature if you are suffering from fever or sun stroke.

5.      Helps with sore throats.

6.      Assists with digestion.

7.      A rich source of vitamin B.


It is also popular to make a blend of Chrysanthemum tea and goji berries to give your tea added health benefits. Goji berries have been used in Chinese medicine for over 6,000 years and have become popular with many celebrities in recent times.


As you can see, there are many potential benefits of drinking chrysanthemum tea, but most importantly it is a great tasting refreshing drink. So when you next think of having a cup of tea why not try something a little different and try chrysanthemum tea, and of course, have it in your own personalised mug from www.expressmugs.com


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